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Wireless Sensor Network

Embedded Boards & Design-in Services
Computer On Modules
COM-Express Basic (125x95 mm) | COM-Express Compact (95x95 mm) | COM-Express Mini (84x55 mm) | QSeven (70x70 mm) | ETX/XTX (114x95 mm) | Development Board | Application Board
Embedded IoT Solutions
Embedded IoT Gateway | IoT Devices & Sensors | Wireless Modules
Single Board Computer
PC/104 Modules | 3.5" Single Board Computers | EPIC (Embedded Platform Industrial Computers) | EBX & 5.25" Single Board Computers | Modules and MiniPCI
MI/O Extension Single Board Computers
2.5" MI/O-Ultra SBC | 3.5" MI/O-Compact SBC | MI/O Modular Systems | MI/O Extension Modules | MI/O Extension Evaluation Board
Schede industriali / Motherboard industriali
Mini-ITX Motherboards | MicroATX Motherboards | UTX and Systems | Enclosure & Barebone System
Piattaforme RISC
Computer-on-Module | Single Board Computer | Box Computer | Development Board | RISC Evaluation Kit
Schede semi-industriali / Motherboard semi-industriali
Mini-ITX Motherboards | MicroATX Motherboards | ATX Motherboards
Fanless Embedded Box PCs
ARK-1000 Series: Ultra Slim Fanless Embedded Box PCs | ARK-2000 Series: Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Box PCs | ARK-3000 Series: High Performance Fanless Embedded Box PCs | ARK-5000: Series PCI/PCIe Slot Expandable Fanless Embedded Box PCs | ARK 6300 Series: Mini-ITX Series Fanless Embedded Box PCs | ARK-VH Series: In-Vehicle/ Surveillance Fanless Embedded Box PCs
Player per il Digital Signage
Ultra Slim Signage Player | Cost Effective Signage Player | OPS(Open Pluggable Specification) Signage Player | Graphic Enhanced Signage Player | Multi-display Signage Player | Extension Module Package
Display Industriali
Industrial Display Kit | Open Frame Monitor | Panel Mount Monitor | Digital Signage Displays | Configured Display Solutions - Touch Monitors and Non-Touch Monitors
Moduli Embedded
Storage Modules | Memory Module | Embedded I/O Modules
Software Embedded
Piattaforme Gaming
Gaming Platforms | Gaming Software | Peripherals
Industrial Automation
Software per l'Automazione
HMI/SCADA Software | SoftLogic Software | OPC Server | Software Development Kits
WebAccess+ Solutions
WebAccess Bundled Products | WebAccess HMI/SCADA software
Pannelli e monitor industriali
Intelligent Operator Panel | Touch Panel Computers | Industrial Panel PC | Industrial Monitors
Machine Automation
Vision System | Centralized Motion Control Solution | Distributed Motion Control Solution | DIN-rail Terminal Boards
Controllers per automazione
Programmable Automation Controllers & I/O Modules
Embedded Automation Computers
Powerful DIN-rail PCs with PC/104: UNO-1100 | High Performance Automation Computers with PC/104: UNO-2100 | Wallmount Automation Computers with PCI/PCIe: UNO-3000 | Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000 | Advantech iDoor Module | UNO Embedded OS Support | UNO Accessories
Settore energetico
Rackmountable Fanless Box PCs (UNO-4000 Series) | Energy Data Acquisition; Energy Controller | Energy Automation Computer Plug-in Cards
Acquisizioni dati & Controllo
PCI Express Cards | PCI Cards | USB Modules | CompactPCI System | PC/104 Modules | Serial Communication Cards | ISA Cards | Serial Converter and Repeaters | Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards | PC-based Modular Industrial Controller | I/O Drivers and Utilities | Advantech DAQNavi Support List
Moduli I/O Remoti
RS-485 I/O Modules: ADAM-4000 | Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6000 | EtherNet/IP Modules: ADAM-6100EI | PROFINET Modules: ADAM-6100PN | Intelligent Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6200 | Wireless I/O Modules: ADAM-2000
Comunicazione Industriale
Advanced Ethernet Solutions | Industrial Ethernet Solutions | Industrial Wireless | Serial Device Servers
Soluzioni Certificate
EN50155 | IEC 61850-3/ IEEE 1613
Sistemi per l'automazione di edifici/domotica
WebAccess HMI/SCADA Software | Web-enabled DDC & I/O Modules | Energy Data Concentrators
Panel Computer
Industrial Touch Monitor | Multi-Functional Panel PCs | Fanless Wide Screen Panel PCs | Fanless Panel PCs | Installation Accessories
Prodotti con Classe I, Divisione 2
Data Acquisition Modules | Industrial Communication | Industrial Monitor | Embedded Automation Computers
Intelligent Systems
Sistemi Compatti
AIIS Series | ARK-5000 Series | AiMC Series
CompactPCI Platforms
VPX Blades & Boards | 3U CompactPCI | 6U CompactPCI Boards, XMCs and PMCs | 6U CompactPCI Enclosures | CompactPCI Peripherals
Piattaforme DSP
Video Acquisition and Encoding | Video Surveillance Platform | Multi-Core Digital Signal Processing
Chassis per Computer Industriali
Rackmount Chassis | Desktop/Wallmount Chassis
Periferiche per Computer Industriali
Industrial Graphics Cards | Riser Cards | SNMP System Manager | Keyboards | Power Supplies | Accessories | Extension Modules
Schede Industriali / Motherboard industriali
Serverboard | ATX Motherboards
Industrial Storage
Disk Expansion Enclosure | Storage Server | External Disk Array
Intelligent RFID Platforms
UHF RFID Module | Intelligent RFID Controllers
Sistemi di Trasporto Intelligenti
ITA-1000 Series | ITA-2000 series | Traffic Management Systems | Rolling Stock Systems
Piattaforme Video Intelligenti
Intelligent Video System | Video Capture Board
Network Platforms, Blades & Adapters
Piattaforme Blade Computing | Piattaforme per Network
Backplanes Passivi
Half-Size SBC Backplanes | PICMG 1.3 Full-Size SHB Backplanes | PICMG 1.0 Full-Size SBC Backplanes
Sistemi pre-configurati
1U Rackmount Systems | 2U Rackmount Systems | 4U Rackmount System | Wallmount System | Embedded SBC Systems | Compact Mini-ITX Systems
IPC Server-grade
GPU Server | 1U Server Chassis | 2U Server Chassis | PME Expansion Cards | 4U Server Chassis | Serverboard | Video Wall Controller
Slot Single Board Computers
PICMG 1.3 System Host Boards (SHB Express) | PICMG 1.0 Single Board Computers (SBC) | Half-Size Single Board Computers
Digital Healthcare
Computerized Nursing Cart
AMiS-60 | AMiS-50 | AMIS-30
Medical Computers
POC-W212 | POC-128 | POC-W242 | POC-W211 | POC-W181 | POC-S198 | POC-S197 | POC-196 | POC-S177 | POC-176 | POC-S157 | POC-155 | POC-127
Patient Infotainemnt Terminal
PIT-1703 | PIT-1702 | PIT-1503W | PIT-1502W
Healthcare Infotainment Terminal
HIT-MINI | HIT-BX1 | HIT-BX2 | HIT-R151B | HIT-R151F | HIT-R181B | HIT-R181F | HIT-W221 | HIT-W222 | HIT-W182 | HIT-W181 | HIT-W151 | HIT-W121 | UTC-W101
Mobile Clincial Assistant
MICA-071 | MICA-101
Intelligent Power System
Piattaforme medicali
Medical Computing System | Medical Panel PC | Medical Tablet PC | Healthcare Fitness Solution
Medical Display
Logistica Digitale,iRetail e Ospitalità
Computer Industriali Mobile
Mobile Data Terminal | Mounting Accessories | Vehicle Mounted Computers
Computer Industriali Portatili
Handheld Terminal | Industrial PDA | Industrial Tablet PC | Modules and Accessories
Piattaforme Portatili
Rugged Portable | Semi-Rugged Portable
Certified Peripherals